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Fox News Poll: Half of voters favor military action against North Korea

Just over half of voters perceive North Korea as a “major” threat to U.S. national security, and about the same number support taking military action to stop the country’s nuclear weapons program.

In addition, more approve than disapprove of how President Trump is handling North Korea, according to the latest Fox News Poll.  Forty-six percent approve, up from 45 percent in April 2018 and marking a new high.  Forty-one percent disapprove.

Forty-nine percent favor military action to prevent North Korea from continuing to develop its nuclear weapons program (37 percent oppose).  That is down a touch from 53 percent in April 2017 -- around the same time North Korea displayed new long-range missiles at a military parade and test fired a ballistic missile ahead of a U.S.-China summit.


The four-point decline comes entirely from a shift among Republicans:  73 percent favored military action in April 2017 compared to 63 percent today.  They are joined by 36 percent of Democrats and 50 percent of independents.

Overall, 52 percent see North Korea as a “major” threat to national security.

That puts it on the higher end of perceived threats.  By comparison, more voters consider foreign cyberattacks (72 percent) and ISIS (62 percent) as “major” threats, while far fewer say the same about the migrant caravan (35 percent) and instability in Venezuela (22 percent).

Despite being less likely to favor military intervention, Democrats (58 percent) are 12 points more likely than Republicans (46 percent) to consider North Korea a “major” threat.

“Unlike many domestic issues, foreign policy attitudes are highly dependent on who is president,” says Republican pollster Daron Shaw, who conducts the Fox Poll with Democrat Chris Anderson. “Here we see that Democrats are more attuned to the possibility of a run-in with North Korea because they don’t trust President Trump to handle the issue competently.”

A summit between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is set for February 27-28 in Vietnam.

Trump declared during the State of the Union, "If I had not been elected president of the United States, we would right now, in my opinion, be in a major war with North Korea with potentially millions of people killed."

One-third of voters (32 percent) think military conflict with North Korea is less likely than it was two years ago, while 21 percent say more likely.  The largest share, 41 percent, believes the threat is about the same as it was around the time Trump took office.

Republicans (53 percent) are nearly four times as likely as Democrats are (14 percent) to think a conflict is less likely now.

The Fox News poll is based on landline and cellphone interviews with 1,004 randomly chosen registered voters nationwide and was conducted under the joint direction of Beacon Research (D) (formerly named Anderson Robbins Research) and Shaw & Company Research (R) from February 10-12, 2019.  The poll has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus three percentage points for all registered voters.

Source: Fox News Politics

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Egypt executes 9 over 2015 killing of top prosecutor

Egyptian security officials say nine suspected Muslim Brotherhood members have been executed after being convicted of involvement in the 2015 assassination of the country's top prosecutor.

The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to brief media, say the executions were carried out Wednesday.

The nine were found guilty of taking part in the bombing that killed Hisham Barakat, the most senior government official killed by Islamic militants since the military's 2013 overthrow of an elected but divisive Islamist president. Egypt's highest appeals court upheld the death sentences in November.

Amnesty International on Tuesday called on Egypt to halt the executions, saying that some defendants said they were forcibly disappeared and confessed under torture.

Source: Fox News World

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8 Dead As Schoolchildren Are Trapped Under Rubble As Nigerian School Collapses

Graeme Gallagher | Contributor

At least eight children have died as a building that contained a school collapsed Wednesday morning in Nigeria, according to BBC.

Housing about 100 children in a private school on the top floor, the three-story building in Lagos, Nigeria collapsed at around 10:00 a.m. local time. Emergency rescue teams have been working to move debris and metal as more schoolchildren are still believed to be trapped under the rubble.

There has been no word on the total number of casualties or the cause of the collapse. (RELATED: 1$ Billion And 4 Lives Later The Situation In West Africa Is Still Fragile)

“It is believed that many people, including children, are currently trapped in the building,” said Ibrahim Farinloye, the spokesman for the National Emergency Management Agency’s southwest region.

Seven children have been pulled out of the wreckage so far by the emergency team, according to residents of the area.

Photos and video of the rescue scene show hundreds of onlookers crowded around the site of the collapse, which was a residential block containing a lot of apartments. Some “worried” parents arrived at the scene, while others went to the local hospital to look for their children. (RELATED: Islamic Terrorists Slaughter 15 In Nigeria)

Rescue workers help carry a child at the site of a collapsed building containing a school in Nigeria's commercial capital of Lagos, Nigeria March 13, 2019. (REUTERS/Afolabi Sotunde)

Rescue workers help carry a child at the site of a collapsed building containing a school in Nigeria’s commercial capital of Lagos, Nigeria March 13, 2019. (REUTERS/Afolabi Sotunde)

Unfortunately, the use of sub-standard materials and weak enforcement of regulation checks lead building collapses to be common in Nigeria. In 2016, a crowded church in southern Nigeria collapsed killing more than 150 worshippers. Later in that same year, a five-story building in Lagos collapsed during construction, killing more than 30 people.

Source: The Daily Caller

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Mexico pushes mobile payments to help unbanked consumers ditch cash

FILE PHOTO: A worker moves boxes with green tomatoes through the corridors of the wholesale market
FILE PHOTO: A worker moves boxes with green tomatoes through the corridors of the wholesale market "Central de Abastos" in Mexico City, Mexico January 11, 2019. REUTERS/Daniel Becerril/File Photo

February 19, 2019

By Stefanie Eschenbacher and Anna Irrera

MEXICO CITY/NEW YORK (Reuters) – Mexico’s new leftist government is betting on financial technology to help lift people out of poverty.

The administration of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador recently announced measures aimed at making financial services more affordable in a nation where more than half the population is unbanked.

It is planning a digital payments system run and built by the central bank that will allow Mexicans to make and receive payments through their smartphones free of charge. A pilot roll-out for the platform, known as CoDi, is expected by March.

“In the future, it will no longer be necessary to have a bank in the sense of a traditional, established bank,” said Arturo Herrera, Mexico’s deputy finance minister. “Mobile phones will become banks.”

Phone-based banking has proven a hit among the poor in other emerging markets such as China, India and Kenya. Those efforts have been driven by private sector companies that offer user-friendly, affordable apps.

Whether Mexico’s state system will prove as nimble and easy to use remains to be seen. And it will initially require help from the very same banks that for decades have shut out low-income Mexicans with pricey fees.

Other hurdles include Mexico’s spotty telecoms. While cell phone and internet coverage have improved in recent years, basic infrastructure is still missing in many remote areas.

“Mexico has a lot of the key ingredients to succeed, but it’s not plug and play,” said Monica Brand Engel, a partner at Quona Capital, a global venture capital firm that invests in fintechs focused on the unbanked in emerging markets.


An estimated 42 million Mexicans lack bank accounts. Steep fees and past scandals have put many off the country’s mainstream banks. Many shun accounts to stay off the radar of tax collectors.

That hobbles Mexico’s growth. Coffee farmer Martin Romero is a prime example of why.

His small town in the state of Oaxaca, one of Mexico’s poorest, has no bank branch. Romero is paid in cash. He travels hours to pay bills and is unable to save or borrow for larger expenses.

“Of course I would like a bank account,” Romero said. “That way we could save at least a little of what we earn.”

(For a graphic on financial inclusion in Mexico, see https://tmsnrt.rs/2IhXe8R)

While many Mexicans applaud Lopez Obrador’s push, some fintech executives are grumbling about getting shut out of the loop.

To use CoDi, consumers must have an account with an institution participating in Mexico’s existing interbank payments system, which will power the new platform.

Jaime Cortina, director of operations and payments at the central bank, said the goal was to develop a payment method that Mexicans could use to make payments between each other, in shops and online.

Current members of the system include established institutions such as BBVA’s Bancomer, Banco Santander and Citigroup Inc’s Citibanamex. Fintechs that want to join need an electronic payment institution license, a process that new players fear could take up to a year.

That presents unbanked Mexicans with a bizarre Catch-22: To access the government’s free mobile payments system, at least initially, they would have to open accounts with banks that many do not want to join or cannot afford in the first place.

Adolfo Babatz, CEO of payments startup Clip, said Mexico’s government should be looking to fintech entrepreneurs to bring true innovation to the financial system, not banks that have benefited from high barriers to entry. His Mexico City-based company has created a low-cost mobile credit card reader that fits on smartphones.

Mexico should “look at the examples from the rest of the world,” Babatz said.

In Kenya, for example, mobile payment system M-Pesa was launched in 2007 by a private company, mobile network operator Safaricom. M-Pesa is now a surrogate bank account for millions of users. In China, hundreds of millions of previously unbanked consumers have flocked to Alipay, the payment app owned by Alibaba affiliate Ant Financial.


Low-cost banking alone may do little to lure Mexicans out of the shadows. Nearly 57 percent work off the books, according to government data. An estimated 90 percent of transactions are done in cash.

“People who work and live in the informal economy do not want to be taxed,” said Carlos Lopez, director for retail strategy and new digital business at Mexico’s largest bank, BBVA Bancomer.

Herrera, the deputy finance minister, told Reuters the government is making efforts to reduce cash in circulation to cut down on money laundering and corruption, and to draw more people into the formal economy.

He said the administration plans to transition to direct deposit or digital wallets to dispense welfare benefits over the next 18 months. At present, many Mexicans rely on government-issued cards that can be used at ATMs to withdraw their benefits in cash.

He also expressed optimism that fintechs would bring needed competition to the money transfer business, reducing the cost of remittances sent home by Mexicans abroad.

But even in cosmopolitan Mexico City, a future of cashless payments seems far off for people such as Paula Martinez. She sells traditional sweets, chewing gum and single cigarettes from a wooden basket in the fashionable Roma neighborhood.

The mother of three does not have a bank account, and says she and her husband have never considered it.

“We don’t earn enough,” Martinez said.

(Reporting by Stefanie Eschenbacher and Anna Irrera. Editing by Neal Templin and Marla Dickerson.)

Source: OANN

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Funeral set for Illinois deputy shot trying to serve warrant

A funeral is planned at a Chicago-area high school for a sheriff's deputy who was shot and killed while trying to serve an arrest warrant at a hotel.

McHenry County Sheriff's Deputy Jacob Keltner will be remembered Wednesday at Woodstock North High School. A procession for law enforcement and emergency vehicles will follow.

Mourners can also leave notes and flowers on a sheriff's squad car dedicated to Keltner and parked in Woodstock. The 35-year-old Keltner was a 12 ½-year veteran of the sheriff's office in northern Illinois.

Keltner was part of a U.S. Marshals Service fugitive task force that was trying to serve a warrant on a man for burglary and parole violation charges last Thursday. Police say the suspect shot Keltner, fled the Rockford hotel in a vehicle and was arrested hours later after a standoff.

Source: Fox News National

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Kia Motors considers suspending its No.1 plant in China: source

89th Geneva International Motor Show in Geneva
A charging plug for the battery for the eNiro Kia electric car is pictured at the 89th Geneva International Motor Show in Geneva, Switzerland March 6, 2019. REUTERS/Denis Balibouse

March 10, 2019

SEOUL (Reuters) – Kia Motors may halt operations at its No.1 plant in China as part of its longer-term efforts to enhance competitiveness, a source familiar with the matter said on Sunday.

Kia Motors said in a statement after the source told Reuters on Sunday that the company is reviewing various plans to strengthen production and sales competitiveness in China.

Kia Motors, an affiliate of Hyundai Motor, makes cars in China in a tie-up with Dongfeng Motor Group and Jiangsu Yueda Investment Co Ltd. They run three factories in Jiangsu Province in China.

Hyundai Motor also said the automaker was considering suspending production at its oldest plant in China as sales tumble and it struggles with overcapacity in its biggest market.

(Reporting By Hyunjoo Jin; Writing by Jane Chung; Editing by Elaine Hardcastle; Editing by Raissa Kasolowsky)

Source: OANN

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Commie West Point Grad’s Dad: This Is Bad

Social media is a great way to connect with old friends, learn about all sorts of people across the globe, and completely ruin your career in an instant. That’s what a young West Point graduate named Spenser Rapone is learning right now.

Earlier this week Rapone, a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army, posted the following images in support of Colin Kaepernick:

If this seems like a bad idea to you, the Army agrees. Young Spenser is in hot water. Just imagine, getting through West Point and then throwing it all away… for Colin Kaepernick.

Rapone’s dad isn’t happy about it either. WFMJ in Youngstown, OH:

Army officials are looking into controversial social media posts by a Second Lieutenant from New Castle. At issue are photos of West Point graduate Spenser Rapone in uniform displaying pro-communist messages…

Meanwhile Rapone’s father, Lawrence County Treasurer Richard Rapone, disavowed his son’s political views on his public Facebook page.

Here’s what he wrote:

I believe in free speech, and I also know that there’s a thing called the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So I support Rapone’s right to say any damn fool thing he wants, and I also understand the Army’s obligation to kick his ass for it. They’re not there to be #woke. They don’t care how many likes and retweets you get.

My advice to Second Lt. Rapone: Declare that you’re actually a woman trapped in a man’s body, and then wait for another Democrat to get elected. That trick always works.

(Hat tip: JWF)

P.S. This kid listens to Chapo Traphouse, of course. I hope they have him on as a guest after he’s drummed out of the Army. He’s their hero now.


Source: DC Trawler – The Daily Caller

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Democratic presidential candidates are scheduled to debate in a forum specifically dedicated to LGBTQ issues in California this fall, reports said Monday.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation and the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Luskin School of Public Affairs will host the forum, according to the Advocate and Hollywood Reporter.

"Millions of LGBTQ people will have their rights on the ballot in 2020," Chad Griffin, the HRC president said in a statement obtained by outlets. "But today we are also a powerful voting bloc that will help determine the outcome. We’re excited to partner with UCLA Luskin and create an opportunity to hear candidates’ agendas for moving equality forward.”

The debate is scheduled on October 10 at UCLA’s Royce Hall, the Reporter said. That date is also National Coming Out Day.


“The Luskin School of Public Affairs is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of all Americans through an informed electorate and educated social leaders,” said Gary Segura, dean of UCLA Luskin, according to the Advocate. “We are beyond excited to partner with the Human Rights Campaign in raising LGBTQ issues and the policy stances of candidates to greater public attention in this cycle. UCLA is the perfect host for this conversation.”

Organizers will use the same parameters as the Democratic National Committee’s sanctioned debates to invite the candidates, who need to poll at least 1 percent in at least three national polls or receive 65,000 donations from different people in 20 states, the Advocate reported.

So far Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Ind., is only LGBTQ candidate who has expressed interest in running for president. He has reached 65,000 donors, which qualifies him for the debate if he changes his exploratory run into an official presidential one, according to the Reporter.


The HRC Foundation last hosted a presidential forum in 2008 with then-candidates Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Dennis Kucinich and Bill Richardson.

Source: Fox News National

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The death toll from flash floods and mudslides triggered by torrential downpours in eastern Indonesia has risen to 89, with dozens of others missing.

National Disaster Mitigation Agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho says the worst-hit area from the flooding was Sentani subdistrict, where tons of mud, rocks and trees from a landslide on a mountain rolled down to a river that burst its banks, sweeping away residents.

He said Tuesday that 89 bodies had been pulled from the mud and wreckage of crumpled homes and 159 people were injured. Rescuers were searching for 74 residents reportedly missing.

Papua military spokesman Col. Muhammad Aidi said more than 1,600 rescuers, including police and soldiers, were facing difficulties clearing huge piles of debris due to shortages of heavy equipment.

Source: Fox News World

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President Trump’s 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale took a swipe at George Conway on Twitter Monday, accusing the Republican lawyer and frequent Trump critic of being “jealous” of his wife’s success.

“We all know that @realDonaldTrump turned down Mr. Kellyanne Conway for a job he desperately wanted,” Parscale tweeted. “He barely worked @TheJusticeDept and was either fired/quit, didn’t want the scrutiny? Now he hurts his wife because he is jealous of her success. POTUS doesn’t even know him!”

An email from Fox News to the attorney inquiring about the purported job was not immediately returned

George Conway has been critical of Trump on Twitter and has questioned the president’s mental health. Earlier in the week, he had tweeted that Trump has a problem with “pathological” lying.

Conway elaborated early Monday, saying that Trump’s barrage of Tweets over the weekend – including critiques of the late Sen. John McCain and “Saturday Night Live” – were a “product of his pathologies” rather than a “rational plan or strategy.”

He then retweeted a post from "Duty To Warn," which tried to demonstrate that Trump’s activities matched the criteria for narcissistic personality disorder.


Later Monday, Parscale attributed Conway’s critique of the president to supposed resentment for not being offered a job and hurting his wife because he is “jealous” of her success.

Source: Fox News Politics

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A white Pennsylvania police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black teenager last year goes on trial starting Tuesday in a case that could put him behind bars for life.

Lawyers for Michael Rosfeld, 30, are expected to argue that the June shooting of Antwon Rose II after a traffic stop in East Pittsburgh was justified, while prosecutors push for a conviction in the criminal homicide case.

The shooting was captured on video by bystanders and posted online, triggering a series of protests in the Pittsburgh area last year that included a late-night march that shut down a major highway.

A jury of six men and six women, including three African-Americans, was selected in Harrisburg last week and will be sequestered in a Pittsburgh hotel for the duration of the trial, expected to take a week or more.

Rose, a 17-year-old high school student, had been the front-seat rider in an unlicensed taxicab when the back-seat passenger rolled down a window and shot at two men on the streets of North Braddock.

The shooter was Zaijuan Hester, 18, of Swissvale, who pleaded guilty Friday to aggravated assault and firearms violations for the incident that wounded a man in the abdomen. Hester told a judge he — and not Rose — did the shooting. A judge ruled Monday jurors will hear evidence of that incident, but likely will not hear about a robbery that occurred several hours earlier.

The drive-by shooting in North Braddock led Rosfeld, of Verona, to pull over the unlicensed cab a short time later. While Rose ran from the vehicle, Rosfeld shot him three times, in the right side of his face, in his elbow and in his back, going through his heart and lung.

Authorities have said Rose had an empty ammunition clip in his pants when he was killed but not a weapon. Two handguns were recovered from inside the vehicle.

The police affidavit used to charge Rosfeld said he gave conflicting statements to investigators, including that he saw something in Rose’s hand that Rosfeld thought was a gun.

"This observation caused him to step from behind the cover of his car door to acquire a better view," police wrote in the affidavit. "He then fired his weapon."

Investigators have said Rosfeld subsequently told the detectives he did not see a gun when the passenger ran.

"When confronted with this inconsistency, Rosfeld stated he saw something in the passenger’s hand but was not sure what it was," police wrote. "In addition, Officer Rosfeld stated that he was not certain if the individual who had his arm pointed at him was still pointing at him when he fired the shots."

During jury selection, defense attorneys repeatedly said jurors would be asked to determine if the shooting was justified.

"He’s very, very remorseful. He’s not remorseful because he’s been charged. He legitimately is sad that this happened," defense attorney Patrick Thomassey told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette last year. "Mike kept saying, ‘I can’t believe this happened. I can’t believe that kid didn’t have a gun in his hand.’"

Rosfeld had been on the East Pittsburgh Police for just a few weeks after working for other departments over seven years.

After the shooting, East Pittsburgh shut down its police force and began to rely on state police to cover the territory.

Source: Fox News National

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California GOP Rep. Devin Nunes, who has opened a $250 million lawsuit against Twitter alleging that the social media company negligently failed to remove defamatory and malicious tweets against him and his family, told Fox News on Monday that the lawsuit will be "the first of many."

Appearing on Fox News’ "Hannity," Nunes said he was going after Twitter first because they “are the main proliferator” of “fake” and “slanderous” news.

“The case we’re basically making is this was an orchestrated effort. So people were targeting me, there were anonymous accounts that were developed … and these accounts are not supposed to exist. Twitter says that they don’t have accounts that do this,” he said.


Nunes’ lawsuit accuses Twitter and a handful of its users of "shadow-banning conservatives" — including himself — to influence the 2018 election by censoring opposing viewpoints. Acknowledging the role that Twitter plays in modern politics, Nunes accused the social media platform of “gaslighting” for all of the news and “proliferating” only the content they supposedly agree with.

“And when they’re regulating us, they’re regulating what people can see on my tweets – which they’ve done – and then they’re proliferating out things that they agree with the algorithms that they develop," he said. "They need to come clean. They’re not a public square. They are content developers.”

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey testified before Congress last year that his platform is a kind of "digital public square," although he has insisted that Twitter, as a private company, retains the right to censor speech.


Nunes, accused Twitter of a double standard, questioning why the company would allow certain accounts — which, by its own terms of service, he said shouldn’t exist in the first place — to attack him "hundreds of times a day."

"I guarantee you, if I put something out that was sexually explicit or attacked someone personally they would stop it," Nunes said. "They never did that to any of the people that were coming after me or other conservatives."

Twitter did not comment on the suit when reached earlier by Fox News.

Nunes’ lawsuit alleges defamation, conspiracy and negligence, seeking not only damages, but also an injunction compelling Twitter to turn over the identities behind numerous accounts he says harassed him and deliberately interfered in his investigation as House Intelligence Committee chair into corruption and Russian involvement in the 2016 Presidential Election.


"This is part of the continuing Russia investigation. We’re not going to just let all these fake news stories that were written about this investigation, about this hoax — that were lies — we’re going to challenge every single one of them in court. We’re just starting with Twitter," Nunes said.

Fox News’ Gregg Re contributed to this report.

Source: Fox News Politics

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