Eric Schmidt told the BBC, “There are many, many benefits interacting, among other things, with China.”

In a recent BBC interview, Schmidt defended Google’s position in China.

Schmidt was pushed on the issue of the morality of a censored search engine. In a textbook example of Orwellian doublespeak, Schmidt responded by saying that Google’s operations in China help the country to “be more open.”

Schmidt stressed that he was not involved in the Dragonfly project, but refused to say whether Google was wrong for developing the censored search engine. Ryan Gallagher writes:

As The Intercept first revealed in August, Google developed a prototype of the censored search engine that was designed to remove content that China’s ruling Communist Party regime deems sensitive. The search engine would have blacklisted thousands of words and phrases, including terms such as “human rights,” “student protest,” and “Nobel Prize” in Mandarin.

Apple has been hit with an antitrust suit that could be the first domino to fall in the Big Tech scandal. Both IBM and Apple have made major moves to China. Apple has begun storing iCloud data in China, sparking fears that the company is handing over source codes to the Chinese in compliance with recently enacted cybersecurity laws in the communist country.

Senator Josh Hawley confronted Pentagon officials about the obvious treason being committed by Google who has chosen instead to support the communist Chinese government. Alex discusses how important it is to elect representatives that stand against globalism.

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While anti-establishment voices are silenced, technological advancements are being made that will bring “fake news” to a whole new level. Who will remain to challenge it?

CNBC lamented shortly after Facebook announced its ban of Infowars that Facebook cannot completely clamp down on accounts, essentially playing “whack-a-mole.” CNBC reported:

It’s yet another sign that while huge companies such as Facebook and YouTube have to fight to keep content under control, it’s tough for both to monitor and remove accounts and content that can pop right back up with new pages. It’s like a big game of whack-a-mole.

Censorship is ramping up around the world as mainstream news outlets rally for “regulations” on the first amendment.

Facebook has just announced that Alex Jones and Infowars will be purged from their platform including on Instagram.

While anti-establishment voices are silenced, technological advancements are being made that will bring “fake news” to a whole new level.

Artificial Intelligence systems are currently being developed that will “deep fake” news articles, just as photos and videos have been infamously faked.

In a little-noticed story in July of 2017, it was revealed that a Google grant of €706,000 was given to the United Kingdom’s Press Association to use artificial intelligence to write news articles.

The A.I. system, called RADAR (Reporters And Data And Robots), comes from Google’s Digital News Initiative.

As reported by the Guardian, RADAR will “…auto-generate graphics, video and pictures to add to stories.”

The Deep State appears to be under the impression that patriots will simply roll over while they trample on the liberties of the American people.

Source: InfoWars

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