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Someone Broke The News to Joe Biden! What’s That? Joe Biden Just Found Out Babe Ruth Died! Wait it was Ruth Ginsburg you know the thing… The #Qiew : When #GaysGoRight Discusses This and more Website: Subscribe and share our Podcasts and Videos For More!Follow us on: Youtube: Twitter: … See More […]

Ruth Ginsburg is Dead…. we will give her the shit sandwich treatment… Was She a Pedo Supporter? Happy Birthday Richard Grenell Born Sep 18, 1966Your birthday is on September eighteenth, 1966. Being born in mid-September says a lot about you. Your zodiac sign is virgo, your birth-stone is the Sapphire, and your birth flower […]

It’s Time For The #Qiew and we have a LOT to cover!First of all.. If you benefited from a Trump Administration yet you are going to vote for Biden you are a GD Idiot Another Kentucky City Has banned Conversion Therapy JK Rowling banned from bookshelves to create ‘trans safe space’ … See More […]

New poll shows 45% of LGBTs backing TrumpA poll by dating app Hornet showed a swell of support for President Trump in 2020 A survey of 1,200 LGBTs in the United States found 45 percent of respondents planned to vote for President Donald Trump in the 2020 general election. 51 percent reported they would […]

NAMBLA consider this a CEASE AND DESIST WARNING from Gays For Trump and the #GoRight Movement NAMBLA has stolen the Rainbow from the Gay Community to post on their materials and websites. For years the Left has claimed far-right trolls have tried to connect pedophiles to the gay community. We are Gays For Trump and […]

The Left Practices Identity PoliticsThe Right PracticesDiversity Politics Ric Grenell gave a wonderful speech at the RNC but LGBTQ Nation complained that the Gay Republican did not bring up the fact he was Gay….. yet they also claim he did attack the gays…? Also, Melania Trump is a super diva and the gays should […]

The RNC is focusing on Positivity and What another 4 years could bring to Bring Back America Post Coronavirus and to reclaim America. Now is the best time for everyone to #GoRight For America’s future. Vote Trump 2020 Johnny and Adam Join Peter Boykin on The #Qiew When #GaysGORight#TrumpPride #GaysForTrump

Richard Grenell Reassured America That Right Leaning Gays Everywhere will be Heard in 2020 and loud The Voices of the #GaysGoRight WILL be Heard in 2020 #GaysForTrump is helping to #GoRight and Win Back America#Qiew and Crew Discuss #GaysForTrump and Allies Are Welcome To Join Our Private Group at #GaysForTrump is working with #GoRight […]

Steve Bannon Arrested For Fraud through the We Build The Wall US organization Guilty or Just The Left going after a Trump friend? Looks Like Steve Bannon is in trouble. It’s Time for the #Qiew to discuss Steve Bannon, a former adviser to President Trump, was indicted along with three others on Thursday in […]

Goodyear is Now a Part of Cancel Culture This Time By The Right But is it Really Right? “Goodyear responds to calls for boycott over reports of ‘zero tolerance’ policy” How can we on the right say are against #CancelCulture yet chant to #cancelgoodyear ? Goodyear is Now a Part of #CancelCulture but this […]

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