Everyone's Running for President in 2020: Meanwhile One Democrats 2020 campaign's in trouble already #magafirstnews with @PeterBoykin

The Democrats Are The Real Reason Federal Employees Have NoT Been Paid As The Shutdown pressure mounts  #MAGAFirstNews with @PeterBoykin

Trump delays State of Union address until after shutdown Is This The Correct choice? #MAGAFirstNews with @PeterBoykin

Time To Fight Back #FakeNews As Covington High School teens, families fight back #MAGAFirstNews with @PeterBoykin

Good morning, and welcome to Right Now at /r/TheNewRight. I am your host for the day, /u/peterboykin. It is a wonderful day to MAGA, and I am NOT in a good mood to put up with anyone that does not understand what RedPill or MAGA means. I’m on the #TrumpTrain and I have your Ticket. So Choo Choo Mother Trumpers! […]

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