Walls, Ladders, and Catapults : #GoFundTheWall and Offshoot GoFundMe’s are Growing in Popularity

As a GoFundMe page collecting money for President Donald Trump‘s border wall continues to collect millions of dollars, a few new pages have been set up in response to it.

The page “Ladders to Get Over Trump’s Wall” has raised more than $25,000 as of Thursday afternoon, and despite its name, it’s not actually raising money to buy ladders.

Also, I myself have even started a page “Catapults to Send Illegals back home” but don’t worry the title is of shock value, more to it’s nature I have setup the page to give recognition to the reality that the #GoFundTheWall although it is NOT a scam, and the person behind it does it with great intentions the possibility that the wall would be funded this way is more of a great dream.

This is what is listed in the description of the GoFundMe page setup by myself… although the title is a parody the donations to it are serious and needed…

Catapults to send illegals back home

Before you Get Shocked, since we know the wall might take a bit of time. Why Not Find a Humane way to return these Illegals??

Honestly this GoFundMe is more Parody that reality, but you can help me raise money for a good cause.

By the way?! Have you see the GoFundMe for Ladders to Get Over Trumps Wall? Read Here: https://www.gofundme.com/ladders-to-get-over-trump039s-wall

I have seen the #GoFundMeWall Campaign
Great Concept for over a year people have asked me
@PeterBoykin a Verified #Trump Supporter and #MagaActivist
to create such a thing.

Note: #GoFundTheWall is a Great Concept but you do realize it’s more symbolic? It takes 5000 millions to equal 5 Billion so at $1 million a day that’s 5000 days to raise that’s 13.69 years.. ok so let’s say it raises 2$ million a day that’s 2500 days 6.84 years.

Trump will be out of office and you still have to give the money to the government who is not guaranteed to build the wall with it.

We need to REALLY push for TRUMP to get it Funded and it needs to start being built in the next 2 years!

I am NOT calling the gofundme a scam I believe it is very LEGIT but I think its not that effective, but if it feels good to donate great.. but it serves a much better purpose to at least match those donations to activists such as myself and others who need the support.

patreon.com/peterboykin #MAGA #TrumpTrain #QAnon #TRUMP#BuildThatWall

SO if you Donate to this GoFundMe, I doubt we can legally buy catapults… but you can support the radio station I am trying to run called MagaOneRadio.net and the News Website/Program MagaFirstNews.com as well as I just ran for office in North Carolina and I am looking into running in the future but before I do that I have to build a base and promote the grassroots in North Carolina…

I have a 10 point plan and this would be what you would be helping to bring forth More Conservative Political Action this could be used at ANY local GOP, feel free to take these suggestion.

First: of all I think we need to request a full spreadsheet of the voters who voted in this election similar to this one attached,If we have the data on who actually voted this election, broken down by who they are, what precinct they are in, and who they voted for (break down) or at least the party they belong to. With this info we will know WHO of our party at least came out to vote. Those are our targeted individuals to get involved with the local GOP. The goal is that we need to build up our numbers at meetings and involvement.

Second: we have the Precinct chairs do more than just show up and pick to be heads, we should be working to engage them and get them the lists of voters, and encourage them to communicate to these people who voted. My idea was to first send out mailers to the ones that voted to thank them for their votes and to introduce them to joining the GOP, and maybe a number they can reach out to.

Third: Coffee Tea and GOP in our Precincts, with the list of those that voted we can start building meetings, it might be slow at first but we build them out. I encourage those to find out where the neighborhood watches and local areas in your precincts are where people are able to ask for space to gather. From those meetings we can encourage growth in our other clubs and organizations and educate them about when our meetings are and our need to support.

Fourth: we need to utilize the space we have at our GOP headquarters more, we need to set up training, (for example I can train people how to create social media, and to become citizen journalists, including a news letter of sorts for the GOP, we need to make things more interactive and interesting to get people to get involved.) We also should create a WATCH on the Democrats that were voted in and be ready to report and call them out on what they are doing down in legislature and locally.

Fifth: since those like myself ran to be the Representative of  our Districts, even though we were NOT elected officials, we were still elected to be the candidate to our party. I think its time for us to step up this game, either you may want to run again or at least groom your district for someone to run, I think we should be the GOP Ambassadors to our Districts and essentially be chairmen/women to guide the precinct chairs with the help needed to get their precincts more involved. Including the education of our party.

Sixth: With that we should be more involved in our community and just like the democrats we need to make sure we have a heavy presence at as many events as possible. EVEN if we think those events are “liberal” ie Gay Pride, and other events and groups that are considered “non-partisan” we should be including our point of views to balance out these meetings, and ensure these stay non partisan.

Seventh: We need to GET MAD and STAY MAD, no more getting run over or being afraid to start something, we need to use a LOT of their tactics against them without losing our main principles. But, this is honestly a NEVER ending battle. We cannot look at this anymore as a we we doomed to fail, WE CAN change Blue Counties, so NO MORE EXCUSES, we know we have to work 2x as hard as the Democrats to get our message, and that is what we need to do.

Eighth: We need to Communicate and Unite our Groups and Goals together as much as possible including our businesses and our contacts, the Democrats do VERY well at this. Including we need to get to a point where we are doing public rallies and protests on subjects and counter protests when we see the democrats mounting one. We need to show them that THIS IS OUR COUNTY too, and we will NO LONGER sit back and let them regain control.

Ninth: We need to accept that not all the time do we have the answers for everything, its why there is another party (or third) even though the Democrats don’t want to work with us, just like our President we need to find ways to work with the other parties/individuals and although we know we are working for more control we are understanding that our citizens are all the people we need to serve even if they are not in the same party.

Tenth: We need to think outside of the county and reach out to our other GOP neighbors and those places that have an abundance of resources we may be able to pull in their help as well. Also as well we can partner with other surrounding areas to get events and things accomplished. We are all in this together.

I am sure I am leaving things out. But I am Willing to roll up my sleeves and Help make the GOP the BEST DAMN GOP they can be.

So walls are important, catapults might not be possible… but helping to at least match what you sent/send to #GoFundTheWall to help out myself and others who are out there fully doxed and fighting the grassroots effort would be a great thing.

There are a base of Grassroots individuals that have been putting together rallies, and going out there really doing the activism and trying to steer and cheer-lead projects like #BuildingTheWall and most of them like myself are doing it out of our own pocket while experiencing the hardships of not being able to hold down jobs and being discriminated against.

Let me tell you about myself, I have worked hard over the years, working MANY jobs, and getting 2 Masters in IT, I have been an activist as far back as 2008, when we created the first real #walkaway group called Clintons For McCain, from then, I pushed for Trump since 2015 and been doing this NON stop. When Trump took office shortly later I lost my long standing job of 9 years. It’s been a struggle both doing activist activities as a conservative/republican and trying to find work to pay bills. Extra funds have gone to running the radio station, and other rallies and events that I have attempted with others.

Since I am fully doxed and people can easily google search my name, its been hard to find stable work because of discrimination. My current temp job is ending at the end of January. If I don’t find work quick, I am not sure what I will be able to do. Yet, I still want to continue doing this activism. In order to do that I will need support. Honest I am not looking to get rich, I am looking to be able to make enough to pay my bills, and to spend time working for you who support me by getting out there and being a full time activist.

I can only do that with donations, and sustaining donations like on patreon.com – patreon.com/peterboykin or quick donations through paypal.me/magafirstnews

So will you help me out?
Will you help me hold down North Carolina and the USA?
Will you Help me be able to reach out and grow the grassroots movement?
Will you help me teach others how to grow and learn how to build networks?

I can only do that with your support.

Peter Boykin


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